City Rewards


Who is eligible for the City Rewards scheme?

2018/19 Season Card holders, Forever Bristol Members and seasonal hospitality holders are automatically enrolled into the scheme and are the only individuals eligible.

When does the City Rewards scheme run from?

The 2018/19 Bristol City Rewards scheme runs from Friday, July 27th 2018. Please note any online shop transactions or relevant ticket purchases made by eligible supporters from Thursday, June 21st 2018 will be back dated and supporters will be awarded the relevant Rewards.

What start up balance will I receive?

Paying 2018/19 Season Card holders will receive a £10 start-up balance.

All 2018/19 Under-12 Season Card holders will receive a start-up balance to the value of a Junior Bristol City shirt to be redeemed against their 2018/19 Junior Bristol City shirt only. This must be redeemed on or before Sunday, September 30th 2018 and can be purchased in store or online. Please note juniors that require an adult shirt size are subject to an additional £10 upgrade fee which can only be redeemed in store.

2018/19 Members will receive a start-up balance of £5 - please note this is a new seasonal Membership and Memberships purchased before July 2nd 2018 will not receive this start-up balance.

2018/19 seasonal hospitality holders will receive a start-up balance of £25.

All start-up balances will be available to use from Friday, July 27th 2018.

Are Kids Forever Bristol City Members eligible to earn on the scheme?

Yes Kids Forever Bristol Members are eligible to earn on the scheme. Each supporter has their own cash balance.           `

I was a Season Card holder or Member last season and am yet to renew. Am I still eligible for the scheme?

Supporters who are Season Card holders, Members or seasonal hospitality holders for the 2018/19 season are enrolled into the scheme. Only Members that sign up to the brand new 2018/19 seasonal Membership will be eligible to receive the £5 start-up balance. All other Members providing their Membership hasn’t expired can collect Rewards but will not receive the start-up balance.

Can I collect Rewards across other sports within Bristol Sport?

Yes Season Card holders and Members will receive the same Rewards against Bristol Bears and Bristol Flyers tickets. For example, if you were to purchase a ticket for a Bristol Bears Gallagher Premiership fixture you would receive 2% back in Rewards and for a Bristol Bears European Challenge Cup fixture you would receive 5% back in Rewards.

Are all hospitality supporters eligible for Rewards cash?

Only seasonal hospitality holders are entitled to Rewards cash. Seasonal hospitality supporters receive a start-up balance of £25 and earn the same percentages of Rewards cash as Season Card holders for every additional hospitality place booked throughout the 2018/19 season.

Does a Carer Season Card holder earn Rewards cash?

Due to carer season cards being free of charge you will not receive the £10 start-up balance, however should these accounts be used when making purchases on merchandise and tickets you will earn Rewards cash.

Does the club still have their current discounts in place despite the introduction of City Rewards?

Yes, the following discounts are still in place for the 2018/19 season;

  • Concourse catering concessions at Ashton Gate (10% off for Season Card holders/5% off for Members)
  • Coffee shop & sports bar at Ashton Gate (10% off for Season Card holders/5% off for Members)
  • CATS coach travel (£5 off for Season Card holders)
  • Matchday hospitality (10% off for Season Card holders/5% off for Members – excluding Category D games where no discount is available) 

How do I check my Rewards cash balance?

Supporters can view their Rewards cash balance via a login to a Rewards portal which will be launched in August 2018. This Rewards portal will show any previous transactions made from Thursday, June 14th 2018 and will display any current live or pending Rewards balances. In the interim period, from July 27th, 2018 supporters can login to the Bristol Sport online shop and view their current balance and redeem their Rewards cash.

Can I transfer my Rewards cash balance to another Season Card holder to spend?

No, as stated above, all Rewards cash is stored and cannot be transferred to another account. However, Rewards cash can be allocated to family members or friends when making a purchase on their behalf. Rewards cash will be awarded to those supporters assigned to seats, therefore supporters must assign other members and Season Card holders by inputting their Supporter ID numbers in order for them to receive the relevant Rewards cash.


How long does it take for my Rewards cash to be added to my balance?

Tickets; Rewards cash will be awarded on tickets the day after the purchased game has taken place.
Rewards cash is awarded on merchandise the day after the date of purchase. No reward cash is earned on already discounted products.

How can I earn Rewards cash?

If you are a Season Card holder, Member or seasonal hospitality holder you can earn Rewards cash on the purchase of your Season Card or Membership (start-up balance), the buying of additional home match tickets and merchandise. You cannot earn reward cash where discounts apply, in the concourse, outdoor catering concessions, Coffee Shop, Sports Bar, CATS coach travel or on match day hospitality purchases.

For a full breakdown of percentages earned and for more information please see below:

If I use Rewards cash to pay for all or part of a transaction, will I still earn Rewards cash on that purchase?

Supporters will only receive Rewards cash on their actual spend, not solely from redeeming Rewards cash.

For example, if a supporter redeems £20 Rewards cash on a £50 item, they will only earn Rewards cash on the £30 they spend.

I am a Season Card holder, does my 10% discount in the club shop still apply, and how does this work with Rewards cash?

No, Season Card holders will no longer receive their 10% discount. They will instead earn a percentage of Rewards cash back, both instore & online.

For example, if an item is £30, Season Card holders will receive £3 (10%) Rewards cash back, to use on future purchases.


Where can I spend my Rewards cash?

You can spend your Rewards cash in the Bristol Sport store at Ashton Gate or the online shop ( To do this, present your Membership or Season Card at the till, or log in with your client details online.

Is all merchandise included in the Rewards cash scheme?

Yes you will be able to receive Rewards cash on all merchandise from the in-store and online superstore. No Rewards cash is earned on already discounted products

Can Rewards cash be redeemed on tickets?

No, Rewards cash can only be redeemed on merchandise for the 2018/19 season.

Does my Rewards cash expire at any point?

Yes your Rewards cash will expire on Friday, May 31st 2019.

Will supporters be warned when their Rewards cash balance is about to expire next May 2019?

Yes, we will send you email reminders as to when your balance will expire. Please keep your details updated, such as your email address to make sure that you will be able to receive any communications from the club regarding your Rewards cash balance.

What is the minimum amount of Rewards cash I can redeem?

The minimum reward cash that can be redeemed is 1 pence on merchandise purchasers of £1 or more only.

Terms and Conditions:

Please note all terms and conditions apply for the 2018/19 season

  1. Enrolment into the Rewards cash scheme is automatic for all Season Card holders, Forever Bristol Members and seasonal hospitality holders. If you do not wish to take part in the scheme, please opt-out by emailing By taking part in the scheme, you agree to comply with these terms and conditions.
  2. Enrolment into the scheme cannot be combined with any other BCFC offers or promotions. Exceptions may be decided by the club and will be communicated in situations where Rewards cash is available.
  3. The Club’s decision as to the amount of the initial balance issued to Season Card holders, Forever Bristol Members and seasonal hospitality holders is at the club’s discretion.
  4. Rewards cash is only awarded based on a supporter’s Net Spend. Net Spend means the total price paid by a qualifying member after the value of any Rewards cash redemption has been excluded from the transaction. For example, if a qualifying Member bought a £45 home jersey which was partly paid for using £5 of Rewards cash, the qualifying Member’s Net Spend would be £40.
  5. Between the date of the qualifying purchase and the date of the Rewards cash being issued, all Rewards cash will be treated as “pending”. Season Card holders & Members must produce their Season Card or Membership card at the time of purchase.
  6. Rewards cash will not be issued (or will be cancelled) in circumstances where a purchase of any kind has been refunded after purchase.
  7. Rewards cash can only be redeemed on official Bristol Sport Merchandise where the order value is above £1 from the following locations:

Online Superstore & Bristol Sports Store.

  1. Rewards cash cannot be exchanged for any other Club vouchers. Exclusions to redemption may apply from time to time and will be displayed on the Club’s website at where applicable.
  2. When redeeming Rewards cash in person, qualifying Members must produce their Season Card or Membership card at point of sale in order to redeem Rewards cash. Hospitality holders must inform the cashier of their supporter ID number. The Club reserves the right to ask for photo identification upon redemption of Rewards cash.
  3. Once a qualifying Member has redeemed a certain value of Rewards cash, their Rewards cash balance will be reduced by that amount. If a qualifying Member accrues and redeems all of their Rewards cash, their Rewards cash balance will reduce to and restart from zero.
  4. The Club reserves the right without notice or liability to any qualifying Member or any other third party:

a) to vary the Scheme, and these terms and conditions, from time to time; and/or

b) to discontinue the Scheme at any point; and/or

c) to exclude any individual or class of qualifying members from membership of the Scheme from time to time; and/or

d) to alter the Rewards cash percentages which are used for the redemption of Rewards cash; and/or

e) to exclude certain product lines from the scheme; and/or

f) to suspend or terminate any qualifying members Rewards cash account and/or cancel any Rewards cash collected by a qualifying Member at any time where reasonable e.g. where there has been a breach of these terms or conditions or in cases of suspected fraud.

  1. If a qualifying Season Card holder or Member’s season card or membership card is replaced for any reason (e.g. lost or stolen) then the balance of their Rewards cash will be added to the new card within 24 hours of issue. If the season card or membership card has already been redeemed at the point that the season card or membership card becomes lost or stolen, then the newly issued card will have no Rewards cash included.
  2. If any product purchased with Rewards cash is exchanged or refunded, any money owing as a result of such exchange or refund will be added to the balance of Rewards cash on the qualifying member’s Rewards cash account. Cash refunds are not available in these circumstances.
  3. Rewards cash is non-transferable between qualifying members and any other individual.
  4. Rewards cash cannot be exchanged for cash or for a paper voucher.
  5. The minimum spend required in-store or online to redeem Rewards cash is £1.
  6. If a season card is cancelled for any reason, then the Rewards cash balance related to that Season Card holder will be void and the Club accepts no liability in these circumstances.
  7. The user cash balance will expire automatically on Friday, May 31st 2019. Therefore, any Rewards cash not redeemed before that date will be null and void. The Club will send email reminders to warn supporters when their balance is about to expire.