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Sponsor Profile: ClFKPro

A profile of Carla Humphrey's player sponsor - FKPro.

The FKPro is about creating a robust, functionally strong athlete through a full range of motion. Whether it be for sport or everyday life, our training gives you the ability to live it to the full. The beauty is, it can be used by everybody from 5yo to 85yo and is used World and Olympic champions.

“The FK Pro has been an excellent addition to both our rehabilitative and anatomical adaptation programmes. Having used suspension training systems previously, the FKPro provides a more challenging environment for the athlete.

"Greater range, improved flexibility and functionality allow us to target game specific problems and the whole chain far more effectively than before. It is currently, without doubt, the best functional whole body training system on the market.”

Bob Stewart - Current England & British & Irish Lions, Head Physiotherapist.  

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