19. Ellie Wilson

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Player Information

11 May 1997
IOSS & Liege Luckett

Joined City Women in 2016 from Reading.

The defender, who can also play in midfield, has represented England at Under-19 and Under-20 level.

Birthplace: Reading

Nationality: English

Squad number: 19

Previous clubs: Reading FC

Favourite colour: Purple

Favourite Singer, Band, Artist: Drake, Justin Timberlake, The Weekend

Favourite TV programme: Made in Chelsea

Your inspiration: Mostly family. I’ve always been very self-motivated but they play a big part in keeping you going.

What piece of advice would you have for aspiring female footballers? Definitely to never give up. Put the hours in and work hard, even when you experience setbacks, keep going and you’ll get there.

When did you start playing football and why? I started playing when I was 9. I took part in an afterschool club where I was scouted and invited to join Readings development centre. From there I then played for my local Reading girls team until I joined the academy.

What do you bring to the team on the pitch? I’m very competitive, love going forwards and joining in on the attacks with a bit of pace.

What do you bring to the team off the pitch? Commitment and positivity. We all have the same goals for the season so it’s important to be a strong team on and off the field.

What hobbies do you have outside football? Even though I don’t get to do it too often…surfing. Other than that, just shopping.

What’s your best memory so far in your football career? Qualifying for the Euros finals with England u19s in Northern Ireland after having to replay the last few seconds of the match against Norway 5 days after the original fixture. The whole experience was unbelievable.

Honours: England U19's, U20's