18. Poppy Wilson

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Player Information

06 August 1999
Wessex Youth FC

Young midfielder for City Women.

Has represented England at Under-18 level.

Birthplace: Glastonbury

DOB: 6th August 1999

Nationality: English

Position: Centre Midfield

Squad number: 26

Previous clubs: Bristol City WFC

Favourite colour: Blue

Favourite Singer, Band, Artist: Ed Sheeran

Favourite TV programme: Friends

Your inspiration: Steven Gerrard (I'm a big fan of Liverpool, would love to play for them one day!)

One random fact about you: I'm quite superstitious e.g. I don't walk over three in a row drains because I think It will give me bad luck, and another example is when I scored my first goal this year I ate an apple before the game, so I kept the routine going of eating an apple before the game. It seems to be working as I've scored 4 goals in 5 games!

What piece of advice would you have for aspiring female footballer? Great things never came from comfort zones

When did you start playing football and why? I started playing football when I was three, my brother influenced me to play, we always grew up in competition with each other

What do you bring to the team on the pitch? Composure, calmness, energy, vision, occasionally goals

What do you bring to the team off the pitch? I use my graphics skills to help produce some of the clubs promotional material

What hobbies do you have outside football? Photography, graphic design, reading, drawing, designing things, skiing, cooking, hockey, watching films

What's your best memory so far in your football career? Scoring on my debut for Bristol city wfc first team, nut-megging Lauren and Willie during training