We at the Robins Foundation are proud to work with NCS as delivery partners to offer 15-17 year olds the unique chance to experience independence and gain a clearer idea of what they want from their future.

NCS is a national youth programme specially designed for 15-17 year olds. We give young people a few weeks out over the summer holiday to meet new people, try new things and cover new ground.

We’re all about helping teenagers realise their potential, by giving them a taste for independence and loading them up with new skills so they can go on to smash their future goals.

What happens on NCS?

Week one: 

In your first week, you’ll live away from home and nurture your adventurous side. Whether you take on the high ropes, wild waves, or scale a wall, one thing we can guarantee is, by Friday night you’ll feel fearless (and pretty worn out)! Don’t worry, you’ll have the weekend back home to catch your breath.

Week two: 

Next up? Enjoy another four nights away from home with your new-found mates. Get a unique experience of living in university halls where you will be given the chance to experience independent living while gaining addition skills such as: Graffiti art, music production, drama, Street Dance, freestyle BMXing and arts (the specific activities will be selected by you)!

By the time you’re done, you’ll be speaking to a room full of people without freezing up and know a whole load more about what you want from life after school.

Week three:

Fuelled by your first two weeks, you’ll have the opportunity to use your voice and have a lasting impact. Want to see a change in your community? Countrywide? Or even globally? This is your chance to deliver an impressive ‘passion project’ – we can’t wait to see what you and your teammates achieve!

Week four:

Once you've finished your social action project you will plan and throw yourself and your mates a party to celebrate what has been an incredible four weeks.

All of this for only £50!

NCS dates for summer 2020

This summer, we’ve got a three dates you can choose from:

15th June 2020

29th June 2020

13th July 2020

Check out the table below for an overview of what your four weeks will look like.


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To find out more, please click here. Alternatively, if you have any questions or don’t think these dates will work with your summer plans, get in touch with one of our NCS coordinators using the contact details below.

  • Carly Price - Phone: 07831182724 or email:
  • Montell Ferguson - Phone: 074223418922 or email:

Follow our NCS coordinators on Twitter and Instagram for all things NCS by following: @LetsGoChamp2k20

*During week one young people will be at Peter Ashley Activity Centre, Fort Purbrook, Portsmouth
*During week two young people will be staying in University halls in Bristol.
*During week three young people will be staying at home and will be working from a Bristol based location
*Week three could run over into week four depending on the type of social action project that the young people decide to do.
*The final party event is an evening celebration which commence once the social action project has finished.