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Posted Saturday, December 16th 2017

WellRed meets: Jamie Paterson

Former Forest man Jamie Paterson reflects on his time at the City Ground and scoring THAT winner against his former club in this fixture last year.

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What do you remember about your time at Forest?

I’ve explained it before as being one of the best and worst times in my career. It was a good move for me at the time (from Walsall) and I was really happy for the first few years there, but everything comes to an end at some point. I moved and everything else is history.

What are the stand out memories from your time there?

Scoring a hat-trick in the FA Cup against West Ham on TV was a big moment. Every goal was a big moment really, but that 2013/14 season was great for me. I scored a lot of goals in a six-month period, but the West Ham hat-trick is a particular highlight. We were in good form at the time so I would pick that one.

You signed for City in August 2016. How did the move come about?

I had been on loan at Huddersfield Town in the previous season. I felt like if I was loaned out that my time was up with Forest. I did particularly well at Huddersfield but Forest got a new manager in Dougie Freedman, who didn’t really know much about me.

He didn’t understand where I had played before and it felt as though there were new signings about to replace me so I wanted a new challenge. As soon as Bristol City came in for me it was a no brainer really. City are a great club and I was so excited to come down. It’s a move that has worked out great for me and I’m glad it happened.

You were just 21 when you got your move from Walsall in League One to Forest in the Championship. How big a part did Forest play in your development?

I had moved from my home in Coventry to Nottingham all on my own which was a big change and I don’t think many fans really appreciate that. I enjoyed it when I was playing but when I wasn’t playing I was on my own and it was difficult. It’s the same for every footballer really and you learn from that experience.

It doesn’t faze me living on my own now but it was new back then. From experience you learn how to get along moving into a new city, but it was an interesting time.

I learnt a lot from my time at Nottingham Forest and I have nothing but respect for them. It’s a massive club where the fans travel in numbers. They were always good to me so there are no bad feelings there.

There are still some lads there that I talk to and there’s a good set up there. It was a big move at the time because Forest were doing well and we could have gone up that season. I was playing every week and doing well but football moves on quickly.

They have started this season well and it looks like they have turned a corner. I’m sure they will be back in the Premier League before long. I don’t know when but they are too much of a big club not to be there.

You scored against Walsall for Nottingham Forest and you scored against Forest for City last year. What is it like to score against a former side?

It’s a strange one when you’re lining up against them. You feel twice as nervous and I don’t really know why. It’s like a completely different feeling to the game.

The first time I experienced it, I lost with Forest 4-3 and I didn’t play well. That was one of my last games there but it was a weird experience; playing and scoring against Forest here at City sort of made up for that.

That gave me a great feeling. I know it was well documented that I wasn’t going to celebrate but I did. That was just the emotion that came out of me because of my frustrations in my last season at Forest.

In the City corner: Jamie Paterson