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James Crawley


Posted Friday, December 29th 2017

WellRed meets: Hordur Magnusson

Icelandic international Hordur Magnusson goes into the New Year knowing he is just months away from playing in a World Cup.

The summer tournament in Russia will be a first for his country, following a rollercoaster year in club football for the defender.

As City conclude the calendar year at home to Wolves, WellRed sits down for an exclusive chat with Maggy.

Second-placed City go up against a Wolves side who top the Championship. You drew 3-3 the last time you played them, can you take more points from them today?

"Well, they have a great strike force and their manager is an upcoming star in the football world.

"I know one player there from my time at Juventus, Leo Bonatini, and it will be nice to face him. I'm quite positive that we can get a good result against them."

What are you hoping for in 2018 and do you have any New Year resolutions?

"I'm hoping for a great year. We are on course for a play-off place but there is still the second half of the league to be played. Nothing is given and we really have to work for it if we are to be one of the top clubs at the end of the season.

"Also, it's a World Cup year and I'm hoping for a great tournament. I'm not going to give anything up about my goals in 2018, I’d rather keep it to myself and then I will publish them at the end of the year!"

You’ll be heading to the World Cup in the summer - how much are you looking forward to that?

"I'm excited, of course. It’s the first World Cup tournament for Iceland and we are looking forward to showing the people of this world what this team is capable of doing."

How far can Iceland go or what are the expectations?

"Expectations from the players and the coaching staff is always high and we cake confidence from making it to the quarter finals at the 2016 European Championships.

"Next summer we have strong opponents. We have met Croatia now four times and won once. We are going for a second win against them and we truly believe that we will progress from the group. Argentina and Nigeria are an unwritten project to be fair, because we have never met them before but we are positive."

This is a preview of the full interview, which is available inside Saturday's £3 WellRed programme.