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Richard Pepper


Posted Friday, September 28th 2018

Watch City take on Aston Villa live online in the UK

BCTV+, the club's online live streaming platform, will broadcast City's game against Aston Villa to fans in the UK and Ireland this Friday night (8pm).

Match passes for supporters in the UK cost £10 (as set by the EFL) with the game being included as standard in all annual and monthly BCTV+ video packages for overseas subscribers (not audio subscriptions).

BCTV’s coverage will feature multi-cam footage, replays and expert commentary.

Due to EFL rights restrictions, live video streaming is only available on a mobile or tablet device via the official Bristol City app – the stream will not be available via a mobile browser such as safari.

The service is available through the website on desktop and laptops, please be aware that live video works best with Google Chrome (click here to download) and is not compatible with Internet Explorer.

To watch on mobile or tablet devices, the official City app can be downloaded from the links below:

To subscribe choose the relevant package below and create an account (supporters with an active app login can use this login to link their subscription to) or click here for more information. First time subscribers are also advised to read our FAQs ahead of subscribing. 

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The game will be available on the BCTV+ Live Video Streaming page here on Friday.

BCTV+ video was previously available only to subscribers outside the UK and Ireland. However a new set of rights for 2018/19 allow the club to screen select fixtures live online in the UK and Ireland.

These are matches that fall outside UEFA’s Article 48 blackout window between 2.45pm and 5.15pm on Saturday’s along with Bank Holiday dates. Games being broadcast on Sky Sports or by an international broadcast also remain unavailable.

As such these will predominately be midweek matches kicking off at 7.45 pm. Full details ahead of each eligible match will be promoted here - lookout for the BCTV+UK logo on eligible matches.

To troubleshoot any issues purchasing a subscription, or watching the stream please read our frequently asked questions. Should your issue persist please email and online support will be available.

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If you have any issues with viewing the live stream please read our frequently asked questions.

For a list of devices and browsers which are not compatible with BCTV+ please click here.

Should your issue persist please email and online support will be available.