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James Crawley


Posted Tuesday, May 15th 2018

Vital to get balance right - Johnson

Lee Johnson has spoken of the importance for a balanced squad.

With the season over, the head coach continues to work behind the scenes ahead of the players' return for pre-season.

And he was invited on Geoff Tewntyman's Sound of the City show on Monday evening (May 14th) where he reflected on the 2017/18 campaign - when City secured their highest league finish for eight seasons - and his thoughts as he looks towards an exciting new season.

On the show, Johnson said he may look to add to the squad once the summer transfer window opens, but he also stressed his belief in his current players to help improve the team further. 

“I think it needs to be both, that’s important," the head coach told BBC Radio Bristol.

"But they don’t make them like they used to. We used to learn from our peers, when I came through I had players like Tommy Mooney and Richard Johnson who were hard as nails. You learned from them, how to communicate and that could have been the right or wrong way but naturally you try to communicate in that way.

"That’s education for the players and I often say to them 'I need to move 20 per cent towards the Millennials but you have to move 20 per cent to us as well.'"

He was also asked about his feelings towards the squad last summer.


Johnson continued: "I think it was Lee Johnson’s team at the start of the summer window. I was pleased with that squad. We had a nice balance of experience, height and youth with players coming through and it changes.

"If we did lose three or four then we would have had to rebuild again. It’s a constant adjustment and you try to make decisions based on improving year on year.

"In terms of style in play and what I’m after, I feel I’ve got but it but that doesn’t mean we’re not trying to improve and add more quality in those areas."