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Trust host PFA Best Practice Day in BS3

Bristol City Community Trust recently hosted the Professional Footballers Association (PFA) and Union Learning Fund (ULF) best practise day at Ashton Gate.

The event brought together a cluster of PFA and ULF supported clubs to network and learn more about the outstanding work of the club’s official charity.

The key focus of the day surrounded education, with opportunities for clubs in attendance to share their best practices with the other academic providers.

Senior sports lecturer Polly Wardle, who organised the event said: “To be asked to host the PFA best practice event is a huge privilege and has allowed the Trust to reflect on the good practice we exhibit and in turn, also look at areas in which we can still improve.

“We are seeing huge achievement and results in our education programme and in our community coaching team who hand in hand, work together to engage the community in Bristol and give them opportunities to achieve in the future.

“We are always looking to improve our programmes and partnerships which the Best Practice Event has given us the opportunity to do.

“It has also allowed us to highlight good practice within our existing programmes and most importantly pass our knowledge on to other clubs for them to use.”

Highlights of the day can be seen here.

For more information on the Trust’s various programme, click here.

Attendees were given a behind-the-scenes tour of Ashton Gate
13 clubs attended the Trust's best practice day