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Dave Barton


Posted Saturday, February 2nd 2019

The Inside Line: Post-Swansea City (H)

Catch the talking points from Head Coach Lee Johnson after his side's 2-0 win.

Andi Weimann  
“The referee’s review system admitted that the decision at Nottingham Forest were he scored (and was disallowed) was wrong and he was two yards onside for his disallowed goal today. So at half-time he was very frustrated. The conversation went ‘don’t get upset, what’s your goal bonus because I’ll pay it and he said ‘I’m not on one’ and I said ‘I know!’. I did tell him I’ll buy him a nice Nando’s as a reward for his energy and his good performance. We did think he’d have the chance to score today because of the way they play because they are very expansive. If we were brave and played that high line and were aggressive with our line then we could catch them a couple of times on the counter.”

Andi Weimann scored 42 seconds into the second half
City made it 12 clean-sheets in the league this season

‘Defence starts from the front’
“The important thing was to keep solid and keep a clean sheet. It was a great save from Frankie and that’s what you need every now and then from your keeper. The defending starts from the front and what worked well today was the fact that every time we brought a sub on that replenished our energy levels. That busy nature of O’Dowda when he goes into the number 10 position and you replace it again with Kasey Palmer who us fresh and full of energy and that relieves the pressure off the back four.”

Staying grounded  
“The good thing is that the team is starting to gel and you can see the cohesion among the group. The boys are in a good place. If you think we didn’t have Niki Mäenpää, Korey Smith, Jack Hunt, Marley Watkins, Hakeeb Adelukan, Nathan Baker, Joe Morrell and Liam Walsh even in the squad today. Eros Pisano has been ill and couldn’t have really come on, and Antoine Semenyo is back with us. The more people we can get fit the better because we are going to need everyone, particularly as we are still in the FA Cup. The message is to keep finding ways to improve the performance – there were things today that I saw from a coaching point of view that we can do better. The only thing we can do as a set of coaches is keep on improving the performance.”

Johnson is impressed with the team cohesion
Kasey Palmer has brought added sparkle

Transfer window 
“We wanted that bit of sparkle and Kasey Palmer has brought that. He has helped us win the last couple and was good when he came on today. I’m pleased that we have kept our players and our youth because that is important. We have got to keep making the right decisions and hopefully one day that promotion will come to us rather than us chase it with some of the money that you see being spent at the moment (by other clubs). I don’t think we have got too many decisions wrong over the years. With the Adam Webster one for example, Mark Ashton (CEO) should get credit because I said ‘look I’m only selling Flint if you guarantee me we bring in Adam Webster’ and he did the deal. We are not the richest team in the league in terms of budget but we do it our way and hopefully the more right decisions we make, the better chance we have of putting in performances like today.”

Antoine Semenyo
“We have to respect where he is in his career. There is no secret there has been interest from big clubs. But we have really looked after him. We brought him in from college (SGS) we gave him a contract which was the proudest moment of his life, we then saw what we had and we very quickly gave him a new contract. Then we gave him his league debut in the Sheffield United game at the end of last season and selected the right path with a good club like Newport to go and continue his football. It’s been rapid rise for him. He can earn his stripes at this football club. Nobody is under pressure to play or not play him but we are under pressure to improve him. The important thing is that myself and the coaches get that and he becomes integrated in our systems and the way we play, just like we decided to do with Lloyd Kelly.”


Antoine Semenyo can earn his stripes at City