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Dave Barton


Posted Tuesday, February 12th 2019

The Inside Line: Post-QPR (H)

Catch the talking points from Head Coach Lee Johnson after his side's dramatic 2-1 win. 

Performance of two halves
“I was delighted with the second half because even if we had lost that game we gave it a go. Tactically in the first half we were fine but individuals just didn’t get their game going. They just didn’t have enough belief to go and attack people. We are not going to win every game but at least we can show the attitude to win every game. In the second half we had bodies in the box and we committed the opposition and there is an intensity to that. It’s almost like walking down the street and knowing someone is going to come for you. Naturally the opposition drop off, they had something to protect and we had a lot more goalmouth action.”

City 'gave it a go' in the second half
Niclas Eliasson (right) was a livewire against QPR

Niclas Eliasson
“He did well when he came on and, credit to him, he scored a fantastic goal. Niclas is champing at the bit because he’ll be disappointed not to be starting. But he knows that he is a massive part of our future as a football club and he is improving all the time which is why I love him to bits because he is such a good student.”

Josh Brownhill
“Josh drove us forward and I thought even in the first half he was taking the game to the opposition. He is so trustworthy and is always there for you, he’ll always run and try his hardest. He is a seven out of 10 minimum every week and h was a nine today. He has still got areas of his game that we are working on. He was a great signing for us and another great student and he is getting better all the time.”

Josh Bownhill took the game to QPR
Andi Weimann suffered a back injury

Andi Weimann
“He had a back spasm. Maybe he needs some acupuncture to relieve the tenseness in the muscle so I’m hopeful that it won’t be too bad.”

Lee Johnson is determined to stay focused to keep City moving forward

Staying focused
“What we have to do is maintain the focus on the games. There is that much going on in terms of the training, the detail, the organisation and the planning. The minute we lose sight of the next game’s planning and organisation then you can get waylaid. I am just conscious to maintain the focus of the performances and keep working with and chatting to the individuals and make sure everyone is alright. If I lose focus that will come across in every coaching session because it’s not prepared quite right, the timings is off or the detail is not as good.”