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Tenerife Diary: Day Seven

Day seven: when the morning after the night before doesn't really exist. 

The only instruction from Lee Johnson is for everybody to report for lunch at 1pm - no exceptions. 

So after a long, long lie-in, the lads wander into the restaurant - still rather bleary eyed in some cases. The others are wearing sunglasses. 

But to the gaffer's pleasant surprise, all are present and correct. No need to hand out any fines. Happy days. 

After lunch, the players are summoned back to the training pitch one last time, just to stretch off and retune their muscles following the practice match the previous day. 

Beanhead (Adam Baker) and I head to the gym, where physio Steve "Wiggy" Allen is looking after City's walking wounded. 

What was a long list at the start of the week is now down to just three - Aaron Wilbraham, Matty Taylor and Milan Djuric. 

Our interview with Wiggy is the 24th and final video upload of the tour - I hope you've enjoyed a few laughs watching them. 


It's been a great week - certainly the most enjoyable of the four pre-season tours I've been part of whilst covering City. 

The mix between work and play has been just right. The players have trained hard - sometimes twice a day - but also had the chance to have some fun in each other's company with a number of team bonding activities. 

The races night, the Beach Soccer tournament, the ultra competitive quiz, the waterpark trip, the night out, even playing Who Am I? for BCTV... it's all geared towards building stronger relationships and seems to be working.

The final day also provides an opportunity for some of the lads to scratch their golf itch. Hordur Magnusson has been particularly keen to have a round - especially after only the staff were allowed to play on Wednesday!

There's still one unticked box on the agenda for my roomie, however. So after dinner Beanhead finally gets the monkey off his back and takes three games of pool off City's cueing maestro Gary O'Neil. He wouldn't disclose how many he lost in that time, but he was gone for a good couple of hours! 

Now just to pack and set multiple alarms to ensure we don't miss the 5am coach to the airport...

Over and out.