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Ed Lewis


Posted Wednesday, August 22nd 2018

Study with the Community Trust after GCSEs

If you are receiving your GCSE results this week but are uncertain on what to do next, have you considered Bristol City Community Trust’s education courses?

The Community Trust is a registered sport and education charity whose focus is to engage and inspire young people, raising and celebrating education achievement.

Through its continual growth in strength and capacity, the Trust has the appropriate supportive structure to enable learners to develop life skills, maximise career choices and opportunities through carefully designed qualifications, support and activities.

Such a structure sees the Trust attract and accept a diverse range of students on to its exciting post-16 courses, which combines academic studies with a sporting experience.


BTEC Level 3 in Sport – Boys Futsal Programme (Partners - Ashton Park School)
BTEC Level 3 in Sport – Girls Futsal Programme (Partners - Ashton Park School)
BTEC Level 3 in Sport – LTA Tennis Coaching Scholarship (Partners - Ashton Park School)
BTEC Level 3 in Sport and Creative Media (Partners - Boomsatsuma and Cabot Learning Federation)
BTEC Level 3 in Sport – Boys and Girls Football Programme (Partners - Merchants Academy)
BTEC Level 2 in Sport – Boys and Girls Football Coaching Programme (Partners – Bridgwater and Taunton College)

With each course based at Ashton Gate stadium, where purpose-built classroom and facilities are evident, the Trust’s culture of valuing education is bolstered by the learning environment. This assists in inspiring a positive attitude to drive education, personal and social progress, without the fear of failure.

The Trust’s ability, passion and drive to deliver the highest level of education to individuals wanting to enhance their quality of life, assists in positive levels of success attained through personalised learning.

In addition to the compulsory course requirements, the Trust provides students with a variety of extra-curricular activities including various work experience opportunities, to further their academic progress and enhance desired life skills.

All of the above factors contribute to what is a fantastic and unique educational experience for prospective students looking to kick-start their career within the sports industry.

Head of education Chris Stenner said: "I would like to wish all of the Community Trust students and prospective students the best of luck in receiving their GCSE results this week.

“There are limited spaces left on each of our post-16 courses. If you’re at all interested, I urge you to get in touch as soon as possible.

"Remember, no matter what grades you achieve at GCSE, we have a course for you."

To speak to a member of the education department, call 0117 963 0636 or email for more information.