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Statement: Persistent standing

Bristol City Football Club would like to thank its thousands of supporters who are able to attend matches at Ashton Gate Stadium.

They help to create a wonderful atmosphere and the efforts of all supporters is hugely appreciated.

During the summer break, the Sports Ground Safety Authority (SGSA) - which licences every stadium for spectators - and the Safety Advisory Group (SAG), met on numerous occasions and it has been made clear of the need to advise against persistent standing, which could lead to crowd collapse.

Supporters should also be made aware that those who also fail to comply with SGSA regulations, may also see their club’s ground capacity reduced.

The club would like to remind supporters to stay seated in the interest of health and safety and to allow all spectators to enjoy the games.

Ashton Gate’s Head of Safety and Security Dave Storr said: “Supporters in the back rows in the Dolman and South Stands have received direct contact regarding this and the request is made to all supporters to please stay seated whilst the game is in progress.

“This is for safety reasons and to assist other supporters to enjoy the game. Persistent standing can result in ejection from the ground and a season card or match ticket being revoked.

“The SGSA has a responsibility to ensure Ashton Gate Stadium complies with the all-seater policy and if we fail to comply, the SGSA will ask the SAG - who issue our Safety Certificate - to consider reducing our capacity.”

Bristol City Football Club and Ashton Gate would like to thank fans for their co-operation.