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St Andrews Diary: Day Two

The first full day of the tour starts with breakfast called for 9am, once fed it’s time for the Under-18s to get to the gym and be tested with such tests as the Jump test and Adductor test. 

Ricky Massiah and Dave Walker put the players through their paces in the gym, then send them out to Trevor Challis to start their technical training. Trevor starts the session with some Rondo work, then moves in to small sided games. First up a 4v3 attack vs defence. The defence have to win the ball off the attackers and slide the ball in to one of three small goals. However, the attackers start with the ball and have to work a shooting opportunity to test either Lochlan Robertson, Aaron Sainsbury or Denis Begovic in goal.

The Under-23s have the morning off, with a game against Dundee FC scheduled for a 1pm kick off. After an early lunch the players head out to begin their match day preparation. 

Dundee prove to be a good test for City, with Dundee’s tough, resilient play exactly what City needed. Although the game finished scoreless, it wasn't without action with City breaking through the Dundee defence. You can read more about the game in the match report here:

After the game all the staff and players have some well deserved downtime and head in to picturesque St Andrews. After a brief look round the shops and a pit stop for a coffee its back up to the University for food.

Now its the time most the boys have been dreading, initiation time and that means singing.

The gaffer Luke Williams steps up first as a new member of the team, with a lovely rendition of the Only Fools and Horses theme tune. The lads respond brilliantly, joining in to give him a hand (not that he needs it!). Next to step up is Jojo Wollacott on his own telling the lads “If you cant sing in front of your peers, how you going to play in front of 20,00 people?” 

He gives the boys an interesting version of Sweet Child O’ Mine but it goes down brilliantly and is met by a thunderous round of applause. 

His words spur the rest of lads on, showing them it’s nothing compared to where they want to be. 

The eventual winners of the competition are Jake Andrews, Ash Harper, Connor Lemonheigh-Evans and Aden Baldwin comprising there own medley of songs. It was an incredible performance and rightfully takes home the trophy for them.

A special shout out goes to Marcus Day, Jayden Ali, Ricardo Rees and Cam Allen for putting there own spin on Hotline Bling. Instead of singing the lyrics once, as Drake does, they decide to sing each line 4 times, once each!

After a brilliant second day at St Andrews everyones looking forward to see what the rest of the trip has in store.