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St Andrews Diary: Day Six

It’s the last day! Everyones starting to wind down and get ready to head home. The Under-23s have a bit of a shock though, with it being their turn in the Scottish sea! 

In the early hours of the morning Luke Williams and Alex Ball send the text out to the boys, saying to be at the beach no later than 8:30am and to bring a towel! It proves to be nothing for this group though, everyone charges down on time and sprint straight for the sea. Afterwards there’s just time for a picture on the Swilken bridge before heading up to get ready for the trip back to Bristol.

The Under-23s are scheduled to start their journey at 1pm while the Under-18s have until 6pm. 

With the weather taking a turn for the worse, Trevor Challis decides to keep the boys inside and treat them to another bout of multi-sport in the morning. The boys keep their competitive nature up, starting a table tennis and badminton tournament. 

Vince Harper takes the crown for Badminton, then recruits Brad Webb as his partner for a game of doubles against Ricky Massiah and Jack Spark. Meanwhile, Jack Turner proves to be a dab hand with a table tennis bat in the other tournament, whitewashing opponents en route.

The last time for both groups to be together is at lunch, where the Under-23s have some media duties to fulfil before heading off for the coach. Then it’s time to split, the Under-23s head off for Bristol and the Under-18s head off in to St Andrews for a few hours of free time. 

Some of them decide to take a picturesque walk around the waterside ruins, while others head straight down for one last trip to a Scottish Nando’s! 

While there's some time to kill a the airport the Under-18s take part in a Twitter question and answer. For some of the first years its their first taste of the press, so was a bit daunting!

After 6 hours of travelling everyones finally back in Bristol and head there separate ways, all due to be back in on Tuesday for a tournament.