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Robins Lotto winners (January 3rd & 10th)

Find out the first Robins Lotto prize winners of the new decade.

Congratulations to the following winners:

£500 montly jackpot winner:

Mark Jenkins (A2826)

£50 winners:

Timothy Kay (A2571)

Alan McCullock (A8490)

£20 winners:

Stephen Richards (B2596)

Andrew Howlett (A8674)

Tim Mander (A8371)

Stephen Smith (A2578)

Gary Kendall (B1396)

David Pritchard (A6070)

Paul Hughes (A6354)

Michael Whittock (A0594)

Alan Summerhayes (A2555)

Brian Carter (A9061)

3rd January weekly jackpot rollover:

£3300 – No winner

10th January weekly jackpot rollover:

£3500 – No winner

The weekly jackpot prize will now rollover to a massive £3700!

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All proceeds of the Robins Lotto will go directly towards supporting the award-winning community work carried out by City’s official charity – Bristol City Robins Foundation.

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