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Pre-Season Has Changed For The Better - Wilbraham

Bristol City's Aaron Wilbraham believes pre-season training has changed for the better since his first campaign in professional football. 

The 35-year-old reported back to Failand with the rest of the City squad yesterday for the 19th pre-season of his career.

While being allowed to enjoy their off-season break, the players were given training programs to keep up their fitness, a method foreign to Wilbraham in the past.

“Years ago you were left to do it yourself,” he told Bristol City Player HD.

“It’s come on a lot since then and the fitness coach (Rhys Carr) gives us a program to do in the off-season.

“We had two weeks off completely when we finished and then we started getting back into it.”

Wilbraham added: “It’s all well-managed for each individual person. It’s good having something to follow as it makes you do it.

“Everyone’s had a good break, come back refreshed and are now looking forward to getting involved this season.

Steve Cotterill and his staff put the squad through their paces with long-distance running and interval training.

However, the City manager did introduce footballs during the session, which Wilbraham concedes wouldn’t have happened on the first day in years gone by.

“It was old school back then,” he reminisced.

“You wouldn’t see the balls for the first three weeks of pre-season so it’s definitely changed, but for the better.”

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