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James Crawley


Posted Friday, January 17th 2020

Nagy adjusting to City life

Swapping the sights of Northern Italy for the South West of England will of course take some getting used to, and the same goes for the differing styles of football.

That's been the adjustment for midfielder Ádám Nagy, who has adapted to life both and off the pitch, following his summer switch from Serie A to the Sky Bet Championship.

Now five months since completing his move from Bologna, Nagy was open and honest about his time adapting to new surroundings.

“I was kind of like homesick, coming from Italy,” he told the club website. “I thought there wasn’t going to be sunshine but it’s been harder than I thought. Now I have boosted my mind, I’m trying to be more open.

“Now I am trying to discover Bristol whether it’s raining or not!...I’m starting to enjoy it because it is a wonderful city. It was just hard for me because I tried to compare everything with a different city, which is silly," he said.

Having had a chance to explore the myriad of offerings Bristol has at its disposal, the Hungarian international has settled into his new surroundings and that has had an impact on the pitch too, though Nagy needed time to adjust to the change of style between Italian and English football.

Nagy tussling with Millwall Shaun Williams

He said: “I had an expectation and I wouldn’t say I was far away from it but it [the Championship] is quicker, more physical and it’s just faster than I thought it would be. I’m really happy though because it means I have everything. The league gives me the extra bit to make me a better player.”

And the physicality of the Championship has been another surprise for the 24-year-old, who added: “I was surprised a couple of times [by some of the tackles] because the ref didn’t even touch his whistle but I would say I like it, in a way.

“When I get tackled and I feel it’s a foul which hasn’t been given it is annoying but after a while I realise it makes the game more enjoyable and for us as players it’s better too because we can’t roll over and wait for the ref. We have to get up and get the ball back as soon as possible.”

Nagy was speaking ahead of this weekend’s Championship home fixture versus Barnsley (Saturday, January 18th, 3pm KO).

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