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My Club: Jon Lansdown

A six-year-old Jon Lansdown was hooked from the first time he stepped inside Ashton Gate, all the way back in 1990. Fast forward 29 years and he would become the club’s chairman. Jon looks back on an eventful few years of progress, both on and off the pitch...

"My first game was Bury at home in the 1989/90 season which was a good year for the football club. It was a good day because we won 1-0, Dave Smith rounded the goalkeeper to score and I became hooked from that moment. I remember the whole occasion, the journey to the ground, watching from the Dolman was great.

"I remember my second game too for the opposite reasons because we lost 2-0 and I voted for a Reading player as Man of the learn quickly!

"Growing up I sat in the Atyeo Stand and Block B of the Dolman (as it was), and stood in the East End. We now sit in the Director’s Box so I’ve now watched from everywhere in the stadium.

"In terms of standout moments, for me the play-off game against Hartlepool United in 2004 – where we came from behind with two quick goals – is up there. The noise was electric and the release and energy when we scored the second was something that never leaves you. In more modern times, the Crystal Palace game which got us to the Championship play-off final in 2008 was similar. The prize and the occasion was huge, so they were like-for-like.

"The Manchester United tie here in December 2017 is an obvious one, and not just because it was against United. It was the way we won and the fact that we wanted the home draw. It was so special because I think as a club it was the first time we were ready to host a big event. We had a local boy in Joe Bryan score and then we got the last-minute winner which really took the roof off at an electric Ashton Gate.

A young Jon, left, alongside his father and club owner Steve Lansdown

"I’m really proud of how the Robins Foundation has grown massively in the last 10 years, seeing the passionate staff always thinking of how they can deliver in an area of need, how they can improve people’s lives through football.

"We are often focused on how to win football matches yet there is an element to that which we can’t control. What we can control is what we do in the community and there is nothing stopping us from becoming world class at that. Our connection with the community is something we will always look to nurture and develop.

"It’s been a natural journey because I’ve lived football. I was always passionate about the game. The one thing you want to ensure is you look after something you care about, and as custodians you are putting it in a better place for when you leave it.

"It’s rare in football for there to be local owners invested in a club. I care about the city and the club, and you want it to have the best influence on your surroundings as possible."

The commemorative 125th anniversary brochure, which tells the complete story of Bristol City, will be available to buy in the Bristol Sport store at Ashton Gate once current COVID-19 restriction are lifted. The brochure includes a host of interviews with former players, managers as well as the club’s history retold with photos from the archives…

My Club: 125 years of Bristol City