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Lansdown's Vision For A Self-Sufficient Future

Steve Lansdown has asked supporters to buy in to his vision of making the football club self-sufficient.

The City owner admitted he fully understood the “fears, worries and annoyance” felt by the fanbase as City continue their fight for survival in the Sky Bet Championship.

He also declared that he would take the ultimate responsibility should the club fail to secure their Championship status come May 7th.

Speaking on BBC Radio Bristol with Geoff Twentyman, Lansdown said: “Nobody appreciates the supporters more than me. I’m always happy to talk to them and have conversations with them. 

“I’ve been around this club long enough now that people know that my heart’s in it and I want it to be successful.

“I made a decision when we got relegated last time that we were going to work this way and that’s the way we’re going.

“If it doesn’t go right this year, then I’ll take the responsibility for that. I love this football club and I want it to be successful so I’m going to keeping working at it until we get it right.

“The fundamental basis of Bristol City Football Club now is to develop our players; to make sure our Academy players coming through have that pathway.

“When we’re out in the recruitment market we’re looking to bring in young players that have value, who are going to improve and blend that with some experience.

“I think we’re generally doing that. Everybody can argue whether you’ve got the right player here or the right player there. However, the principal I want us to work to is…if somebody drops out of our first-team squad, then there’s an under-23 player ready to step up and fill the gap.

“We’re not there yet but it’s work in progress and I feel so encouraged by what we’re doing; I’m just determined we’re going to see it through.

“It’s a tough time, don’t get me wrong. I’m not very happy with what’s going on and, like everybody else, like all the fans, I’m very frustrated.

“What we’re trying to develop is for Bristol City Football Club to start to be self-sufficient. It’s got to develop players to grow. It has never managed to get that system in place over many, many years, so I’m determined that this will be the foundation going forward. I think it’s the right way.”

He added: “All I’d say to the supporters is: I do understand where they’re coming from and their fears and even their annoyance, but just keep with the club.

“Keep the faith because I can tell them within the football club there is 100 per cent support for everything we’re doing. I’ve never experienced that before in all the 20-odd years I’ve been involved with it.

“I want to keep pushing forward…I believe in what we’re doing and I’m going to see it through.”

The interview was carried out ahead of the 3-1 victory over Wolves on Saturday, which moved the club four points clear of the drop zone with five games to play.

Listen back to the interview in full on Geoff Twentyman’s Sound of the City show tonight from 6pm.


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