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Lansdown Club Founder Partner RSG Backs More Sport In Bristol With University Sponsorship

Bristol City FC headline sponsor RSG has embraced the sporting rivalry between UWE and Bristol University, by backing a major sports club at each of the two institutions.

At UWE, the Jets Basketball Club will be sporting the RSG logo on their red jerseys, while the University of Bristol Women’s Rugby (UBWRFC) will have it emblazoned on their maroon strips. 

The two sponsorships have been announced to highlight excellence in both the university’s sports departments and also to embrace the good natured competition between the two. 

It is a new venture for RSG, which is used to being involved with sport at the elite level, through the sponsorship of Bristol Flyers Basketball, Bristol City Women’s, Bristol Sport Racing, in addition to Bristol City FC. 

RSG CEO Mike Beesley is photographed above with Director Adam Meadows, the UWE Jets (left) and UBWRFC. He said: “A host of UWE and Bristol University alumni are current RSG employees, so it’s great to connect in this way with these local institutions”.

Adam Meadows, RSG director and who studied geography at Bristol University, said: “We are very pleased to be adding two more teams to our portfolio and to be adding a new sport in the shape of women’s rugby. 

“It’s a great competition and always done in the best of competitive spirits, something we are very happy to support and be involved in.”