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Kodjia Is Ok - Cotterill

Steve Cotterill has revealed Jonathan Kodjia was actually in Paris during the recent tragic events. 

On Friday 129 people lost their lives in France’s capital city during a series of deadly attacks.

City’s striker had used the international break to head back to see his family and was fortunate enough to be at home when the attacks took place.

Cotterill told Bristol City Player HD: “On Saturday morning I rang Jonathan’s phone and it rang through, so I left him a message.

“I called again half an hour later, then again an hour later. Eventually he returned my call and I don’t really think understood what I was saying or why I was urgently trying to get hold of him.

“Luckily he was at home with his family when everything was happening and I was pleased to hear he was safe.

“Sadly for many other people they weren’t so fortunate. It really was terrible what happened and I think it’s right that we mark that with the minute’s silence and the French flag armbands on Saturday.

“I’m sure it will be impeccably observed by both sets of supporters.”

Asked about Kodjia’s state of mind, Cotterill said of his eight-goal top scorer: “I felt he was a little quiet on Monday and Tuesday.

“He was able to rest yesterday (Wednesday) and he looked a lot better today. I’ve spoken with him and I’ll do so again before Saturday to ensure he’s alright.”