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Johnson shines light on "unbelievable" charity work

Staff from behind the scenes and key workers received the praise of Lee Johnson, in the latest episode of Bristol Sport TV.

City players and staff have been donating food to those in need with the country in lockdown, while food preparations have continued at Ashton Gate as part of deliveries in South Bristol.

City Head Coach Lee Johnson said: "There’s been some unbelievable work from players in terms of donations but also from Bristol City, Bristol Sport and Ashton Gate staff members. The likes of Matt Parsons, Suzanne Coombes and Scott Murray have been picking up and delivering food to the Bristol food banks which is fantastic.

"Ashton Gate Head Chef George has been preparing thousands of meals for vulnerable people in Bristol so I think that’s when we get that sense of the community coming together…they should get a lot of credit because a lot pf people have benefitted, who may not have in this environment without their help.

"It’s taught us a few lessons as well. You have to sit back and reflect. We live in such a fast-paced world and this has given us time to look at what is important. The community, your neighbour and everyone in Bristol are important. Headed up by the NHS and key workers who have put their bodies on the line to help others."

City supporter Rob Fernandes was another person who stunned Lee, when the head coach called Rob to tell him he was the winner of the Robins Lotto. Instead of taking his winnings, Rob donated all the money.

"There have been lovely stories, one being Rob's who won the Robins Lotto, instantly he gave half his winnings to the NHS and half to the homeless in Bristol," Johnson continued.

"I didn’t tell him it was being recorded so I thought ‘Rob there’s no way you can back out of this now’. It was a lovely phone call to make because we’ve made others both positive and those to families who have been bereaved so it’s been a mix of interactions with City supporters.

"All of a sudden, we hit them with a fantastic windfall but this was better because of Rob’s instinct to be selfless and give the money back to the areas which needed it."

But as Lee also discussed, work continues for football's eventual return.

He said: "There have been lovely stories off the back of this but at the same time we need to get the country going again, we need to get the economy moving when it’s safe to do so and a big part of that is football and sport in Bristol."

Lee Johnson on Bristol Sport TV: Watch in full