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Johnson Says Flint Will Bounce Back

Lee Johnson wants Aden Flint to get “back to basics” and insists the big centre-half will return to form.

The City head coach even admitted in his post-match press conference that he shoulders some of the blame for the recent goals conceded.

Flint got in a mix up with keeper Richard O’Donnell at Rotherham before scoring an own goal in the same game. It was the centre-half’s back header that was pounced on by Ikechi Anya for the opener in Saturday’s 1-1 draw with Derby County.

"We know Flinty is a good player at the level,” Johnson insisted of the two-time Player of the Year award winner. “He has to be mentally strong and I will talk to him and make sure he gets back to basics.

“He's a lovely lad and he hasn't meant to make the mistakes he's made in recent games. When Aden Flint is doing the basics well, he is as good as they come in the Championship.

"I think he has to get himself right in the mind. You get have to be good at the basics and he has to make sure this week, in the build-up to the two Fulham games, that does the basic things to the best of his ability.

"He has to focus on winning the ball, playing a simple pass and using the other players around him. When he does that, he will be able to get back in credit in his own mind. Once his mind is right, he will be at it in the next game and fully focused and confident.”

He added: "I have to take it on the chin…because the way I want to play means players have to take risks. We call it tidying the ball up.

"It's about setting up your mate so he can play forward and that can be a bit risky at times. That sort of goal happens when you are doing stuff like that.

“I'll take as much of the blame as Aden Flint on that one, given the style of football I want to play.”