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James Crawley


Posted Wednesday, February 6th 2019

Johnson reflects on three years as head coach

Lee Johnson explains what motivates him each day as he marks three years in charge at Bristol City.

Assessment is key for the former Robins midfielder, who took the head coach role in BS3 back in 2016, and he says he constantly looks to improve himself and his squad.

"I’m very happy to have made three years," he began telling BCTV.

"I’m very grateful to be at a fantastic football club. I enjoy coming to work, I work with good people and I work hard to try and drive the club forward.

"I look forward to the run-in, particularly this season, because we are in a nice position and we’re looking for that strength and positivity throughout the club."

For Johnson, it's about being positive and giving 100 per cent on a daily basis, while seeing his players develop.

"All you can do is your best, believe in what you are doing and strive to get better."

Bristol City Head Coach Lee Johnson

Lee Johnson

He said: "I come in like the players should; every morning I ask myself what we can do to improve and each evening I leave questioning if I did enough to add or gain those elements of improvement.

"All you can do is your best, believe in what you are doing and strive to get better. If enough people are doing that within the organisation then that can lead to a very successful future for Bristol City."

He added: "I like this team, I like the individuals, I like their qualities, I like the youth coming through, their potential and I look forward to working with those attributes and continuing to improving those individuals. The development side give me a big buzz and I’ve enjoyed seeing the likes of (Niclas) Eliasson, (Callum) O’Dowda and (Josh) Brownhill become the players that they are today."