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Hear from Andy Rolls on the Robins Nest podcast

Head of Performance Andy Rolls discusses how interaction with the players continues with the country in lockdown in an attempt to stop the spread of COVID-19.

The medical and sports science department check in with the squad regularly, to ensure they are in the best mental health possible at a time when being allowed outside the home is limited. 

Like many others, some of the players have families while others have a lack of outdoor space.

Speaking to the Robins Nest podcast, Andy Rolls said: "There are some, like Andreas Weimann who is with his family, in the house and working hard. He’s having time with his family that he’s never had before while there are a young lad on his own who’s finding it difficult. It’s a fine balance because some of them don’t want to be called four times a week, some do.

"We are keeping a close eye on everyone but trying to get the balance right of not hassling them. They know we are here if they need anything, we’re a very supportive club and staff so we’re keeping a close eye without overdoing it."

Prior to Rolls' career in football, which has seen him work at the likes of Chelsea, Watford, West Ham United and Arsenal, Rolls worked within the NHS, who are working as tirelessly as ever to treat patients around the country amid the coronavirus outbreak.

And he had a special message to NHS workers: "The work they are doing, and I know they will be absolutely up against the wall, so from me and my family and everyone at Bristol City, thank you so much for everything they are doing."

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