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German Students Receive Special Stadium Tour

Jens Hegeler and Fabian Giefer accompanied a group of German speaking students on a stadium tour of Ashton Gate on Monday evening.  

From the Bristol German Saturday School, fifteen lucky youngsters got the opportunity to experience a behind-the-scenes tour of the newly-redeveloped stadium, whilst participating in a Q&A session with the German pair and posing for photos. 

Jonathan Barrass, Bristol German Saturday School teacher, said: “We had a fabulous day out with Bristol Sport at Ashton Gate. 

“As well as seeing different areas of the stadium, we had the chance to meet Jens and Fabian. They have been fabulous with the kids, answering all their questions. 

"It’s great to encourage the next generation, and it’s fabulous to see what Bristol Sport are doing to nurture the talent of the future.” 

Hegeler said: “We showed them around the changing room and took them pitchside, whilst answering some questions they had on Bristol City and football in general. 

“It was a nice day for the kids, and for Fabian and I it was enjoyable because we could speak some German with them, which we haven’t been able to do in recent months. 

“They were all interested in football, everyone in Germany is. I think they had a super day and I hope they enjoyed it.” 


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