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FIT ROBINS: John’s story

Robins Foundation initiative helps City fan make dramatic improvements to his health and wellbeing.

John Davey had suffered from high blood pressure for a number of years and was generally unfit. He therefore made the decision to make a change and signed up to the first 12-week programme of the Foundation’s FIT ROBINS project - a free health and wellbeing initiative which combines both classroom-based advice and support sessions with active fitness sessions.

As the weeks passed, and John put into practice the healthy living plans suggested at the sessions, he began to witness dramatic improvements in his blood pressure and general heath.

By the end of the programme, the 54 year old's: blood pressure had dropped to a healthy level, his diet and fitness levels had improved significantly and he had lost an impressive 10% of his starting weight.

John told the Foundation: “I have thoroughly enjoyed the FIT ROBINS programme and have been surprised by just how much weight I have lost – I have even had to go a size down in trousers!

“I had never really bothered to look at my weight and have been the same for a number of years, but being part of a group who are all working towards the same goal certainly made this process easier and rewarding.”


Mr Davey highlights his transformation by wearing a pair of trouser which fit him at the beginning of the programme

Lead coach of the initiative, Lee Gillett commented: “John was a proactive member of the programme and contributed in all of the sessions sharing his stories and offering support to fellow participants.

"Many of the changes that John and the other participants made were just small lifestyle changes, but these changes go a long way in making us fitter and healthier individuals."

The next FIT Robins programme will be a female only cohort and will commence on April 30th.

To find out more about the project please click here or to sign up please contact:

* Please note that due to health concerns related to Covid-19 FIT ROBINS sessions will take place digitally until further notice.