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Dave Barton


Posted Monday, November 26th 2018

Fielding back in the building

Frank Fielding was ‘back in the building’ today as he joined team training for the first time since recovering from viral meningitis.

The goalkeeper is ready to put a frustrating start to the season behind him after also suffering a hip flexor tendon tear in the pre-season match against Shrewsbury Town.

And the ever-positive City shot-stopper is ready to grasp every moment after a “challenging couple of months,” which even saw him walking around Portishead in sunglasses to counter the irritating brightness from even the cloudiest days.

“I’d been training and went home and felt absolutely horrible, a headache that I can’t out into words or describe the pain that I was in,” described Fielding on BBC Radio Bristol's Sound of the City.


A two-day stay in Southmead Hospital, including a lumber puncture to take fluid off his spine to relieve the pressure in his head, and Fielding was only at the start of his six-week recovery.

“It was challenging coming out of hospital because you think you’re getting better and then one day you feel completely awful. I had three weeks at home not doing a lot including being sat in darkness for a couple of weeks. I started going outside but the light was irritating me a lot and I’d go out on an overcast day with sunglasses on, walking around the marina in Portishead.

“The club doctor Jonathan Williams has been amazing because he came to see me every day at home to make sure I was alright. The same with the gaffer, Dean (Holden) and Macca (Jamie McAllister) – Andy Rolls (Head of Performance) and all the medical staff, the physios Andrew Proctor and Gill Holt - because they haven’t put any pressure on me coming back.”

Fielding feels “lucky” that he is now symptom free, praising both the NHS and meningistios awareness charities who have contacted him.

He added: “My wife has been great, she always has been, because it’s not been easy but we have two young kids and we just put our focus on them. But there are worse things that could be happening aren’t there.

“I’m itching to going now and I’m looking forward to working with Colesy (David Coles, goalkeeping coach) and the lads.”