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FAN Meeting Minutes - November 2016

Latest details from the supporter meeting at Ashton Gate on November 28th.


FAN: Jeremy Palmer (JP, Chair), Mike Adams (MA, Secretary), Marie Day (MD), John Greenwood (JG), Miles Hendy (MH), Rob Palmer (RP), Alan Payne (AP), Keith Perry (KP), Phil Sweet, Rob Wood (RW). 

The Club: Adam Baker (ABr), Andrew Billingham (ABm), Mark Kelly (MK), Rachel Lemar (RL). 

Guests: John Croker (JC), Ben Mitchell (BM), Dave Walker (DW). 

Apologies: Terry Bond (TB), Les Bowen (LB), John Carnell (JCl), Matt Coombs (MC), Jon Darch (JD), Rob Jones (RJ), Mike Rix (MR) 

1. Matters Arising & Club response pre-meeting

Junior FAN – possibility of setting up 

Marie and Vicky Barlow had met in October with the following outcomes including FAN discussion: 

a)  Young fans would be asked for ‘wish list’ – letters sent to parental addresses 

b)  Replies to be collated with a view to running matchday activities as in previous years 

c)  They would like to trial any questionnaires devised with the birthday party guests present. 

d)  An indoor dome or similar area would be very beneficial 

e)  Non-playing squad members and academy players could attend eg for autographs 

Action:  Marie and Vicky to meet again in December or January based on their availability 

ABm said 780 youngsters were involved in the Brighton game as part of the groups packages 

2.  Club Kit 2017/18 – result of consultation

a)  AB reported on 677 responses from 7,000 emails issued by the Club: 

Q1.  Rate our home kit out of ten - average 7.8 – this is our biggest-selling home kit for 10 years. 

Q2.  Rate our away kit out of ten - average 6.4 

Q3.  Do you support Bristol’s sporting teams with a similar/same look?    Yes 31%          No 46%    Not Sure 23% 

Q4.  Which is your favourite Bristol Sport produced kit?        2014/15 37%   2015/16 32%   2016/17 23% 

b)  An increasing range of women’s sizes is available and training wear sales are improving. 

c)  Launch of new kit – the conclusion was for team to wear next season’s kit for the last game of the current season and sell from then onwards during the off-season. 

d)  STC discount for online sales – impossible due to current IT system; Bristol Sport is working for solutions to this and expects significant improvements in 9-12 months. 

3.  FAN membership and attendance record

a)  Mike circulated the attendance record for ten meetings.  Action:  Mike to contact two members. 

b)  Elections to FAN to be held near the end of the season, suggestions: 

•  candidates to provide 100-word summary + photo to be placed online 

•  target the 5,000 new STC holders over the last two years for nominations 

•  matchday meetings–next set for Saturday 18th February 2017, 11:30, inviting observers 

•  promote FAN quoting its value to the club over its first 10 meetings – including input into the 2014/15 home kit, season card refer a friend offer and improved age categories, plus moves to increase the attendance at Ashton Gate (Blackburn offer) 

•  relaunch after the elections 

•  articles to be produced promoting FAN on website, matchday programme & CCTV 

4.  Matchday Experience

a)  WiFi – MK circulated a paper detailing the number of WiFi connections achieved increasing from 450 at the Newcastle game to 1046 at the Brighton game.  Stress testing to continue. 

b)  Half-time queues – MK reported these most acute in Lansdown Stand, possibly due to new staff.  Dolman remains a problem while there are only two concessions. 

c)  Clear pathway around concourse – MK said they do not want permanent lines because of other non-matchday users.  TVs are being realigned to help. 

d)  Scoreboard – the club has invested £250,000 in screens as used at the Etihad Stadium.  A TV studio will be completed in the next six months, then investment made in the next technology, allowing more on-screen interaction. 

Action:  Bristol Sport to investigate replacing the showing of the live match by team line-ups, action replays and substitutions with the draw winners at half-time. 

5.  Ticketing - season cards 2017/18 & away supporter accommodation

Half-season cards were launched on the day of the meeting and 51 sold on the first day. The Upper Lansdown will need to be used more frequently and there may be a knock-on effects with other parts of the ground. The club wants to review all areas of the stadium, including the Atyeo Stand and Family Section. They plan to engage fully with supporters throughout this process. Two factors in the pricing structure are – the price should reduce upwards the further away from the pitch and sideways the further away from the half-way line.  Supporters might reasonably expect seats to be cheaper in the Lansdown Upper Tier than in the Lower Tier. With the overall economic outlook, it was thought that there should be a general freeze on current season card prices. One ticket machine is installed in the Store now to purchase, but not print, tickets. 

Action:  the club to consult with supporters as part of the full review. 

[Items on CATS & Away Games ‘loyalty points’ were not taken due to time constraints] 

Next meeting

Saturday, February 18th 2017, 11:30am-1pm.