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FAN Meeting Minutes - March 2016

Latest details from the supporter meeting at Ashton Gate on March 9th.


FAN: Miles Hendy (MH, Chair), Mike Adams (MA, Secretary), Terry Bond (TB), John Carnell (JC), Marie Day (MD), Rob Jones (RJ), Mike McGrath (MM), Rob Palmer (RP), Keith Perry (KP), Will Shipway (WS), Rob Wood (RW). 

The Club: Adam Baker (ABr), Matthew Joy (MJ), David Lloyd (DL), Kay McGinty (KM). 

Guests: Derek Lidbury (DL), Alan Payne (AP), Dave Walker (DW, A&S Police). 

Apologies: Andrew Billingham (ABm), Les Bowen (LB), Colin Broadbent (CB), Matt Coombs (MC), Jon Darch (JD), John Greenwood (JG), Mark Kelly (MK), Jeremy Palmer (JP), Mike Rix (MR), Phil Sweet (PS). 




Two noticeboards – these have been acquired and will be positioned at either end of the concourse to display FAN’s Newsletter resulting from this meeting. 

Matchday programme – the Brighton programme carried a full-page summary of FAN No7. 

Matchday TV broadcast – space was agreed – action MA, MM, MJ 

FAN email address – the Club agreed to set up – action ABr 

Minutes – need to go out within 48 hours – action MA, MH, ABr 


ABr repeated the Club’s thanks to FAN for their valuable feedback in creating the outcome. 

Season tickets (STs) 2016/17 – the Club will shortly be releasing season ticket prices and there will be a number of creative changes in favour of fans. These must remain unreported while commercial processes are ongoing. Members requested to receive an informative e-mail when STs go on sale to help them answer fans’ questions – this was agreed. 

£20 maximum away ticket price – the £30 limit had been agreed by Premier League clubs that evening. The Club confirmed it will consider FAN’s proposal for a £20 limit and the matter will probably be on the agenda at the next Football League meeting. 

Away ticket split singing/non-singing - the Club confirmed its willingness to consider this idea. 

Atyeo Stand

Location of singing section (Section 82, S82) 

The Club had met S82 on 22 February and has agreed that S82 will occupy the available 1,000 places in the Atyeo for league games.  The group will need to move to another area of unreserved seating in the event that an away following fills the whole stand in a cup competition.  This has been accepted by S82; the unreserved area will be identified when the trend of ST sales is known.  FAN appreciated that this decision had considerable financial implications for the Club. 

Day-to-day issues

Supporters are encouraged to send queries related to day-to-day issues directly to or to Mark Kelly, who has a profile on the Fans Forum (OTIB). You may also ring Supporter Services on 0117 963 0600. 


The Chairman expressed an appreciation of David Lloyd’s work as SLO over nine years. He thanked David for the almost impossible job he had done with very good grace. The meeting recorded its appreciation of David’s work. The Chairman explained that the Supporters Club & Trust had a view as outlined in its draft SLO Job Specification and a press release, copies of which had been circulated to members. He then called on others to voice their ideas which included: 

- needs to have the Club at heart and be accepted by fans as ‘one of their own’ 

- must steer a middle course - forwarding views from supporters to the Club and vice versa 

- must be suitably qualified to do the job which has many facets 

- now is an opportunity for the position to be redefined 

- the effectiveness will depend on how the Club view the position of SLO 

- the example of other clubs would be useful – DL mentioned Norwich City & Doncaster Rovers 

DL then presented his own personal thinking. He had seen a big change in the attitude of the Club during his time in office. There are now 15 staff in the Supporter Services department and ten matchday hosts plus other prominent individuals relating to fans such as Jerry Tocknell with away travel. He thought it would be a good idea to spread the load among three or four volunteer SLOs.  FAN and BCSCT would be an integral part of the liaison process. The Chairman questioned how an input from supporters into decision-making would be made in those circumstances. Abr reasoned the view of one singularly appointed SLO may differ to another, so it is still subjective to opinion. MA disagreed with DL’s suggestion saying it was too diffuse; there needed to be a recognisable structure which could be responsible to supporters. 

During the discussion it was agreed nem con that supporters (as well as BCSCT) needed to be represented in Club decision-making; this would be a win-win situation. ABr said many of the staff were City supporters and MJ explained his involvement in the fortunes of the Club after only two years in his job. Members were to experience an interesting tour of the office area post-meeting.  ABr said the Club would bring a detailed plan to the next meeting – action ABr. 

4. AOB

Seating in the concourse 

MM reiterated his request on behalf of many others who have to arrive early, quoting Wembley as an example.  DL answered that there is a lack of space this season due to health and safety but the Club agreed to continue to investigate possibilities - action ABr 

Radar keys on disabled toilets 

RW’s question was answered - the equipment is on site and will be fitted as soon as possible. 


Wednesday, June 8th, 7-8.30pm + added time up to 30 minutes if agreed by the meeting.