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FAN Meeting Minutes - February 2017

Latest details from the supporter meeting at Ashton Gate on February 16th.


FAN: Jeremy Palmer (JP, Chair), Mike Adams (MA, Secretary), Les Bowen (LB), John Carnell (JCl), Jon Darch (JD), Marie Day (MD), John Greenwood (JG), Miles Hendy (MH), Mike McGrath (MM), Rob Palmer (RP), Alan Payne (AP), Keith Perry (KP), Phil Sweet, Rob Wood (RW). 

The Club: Adam Baker (ABr), Andrew Billingham (ABm), Rachel Lemar (RL), Taylor Kingscott (TK). 

Guests: Ben Mitchell (BM), Dave Walker (DW). 

Apologies: Terry Bond (TB), Rob Jones (RJ) 

1. Apologies, matters arising & Club response pre-meeting

Toilets for supporters outside the building before kick-off 

The Club had been recommending using toilets accessed upstairs at the back of the Sports Bar. This is difficult because the bar is often packed. Permanent facilities are needed outside to conform with the club’s policy to have major food and drink services outside, encouraging supporters to congregate outside before kick-off [action – BS reps] 

2.  Ticketing - season cards 2017/18

ABm presented BSL’s proposals on season cards 2017/18. Although some of the proposals remain confidential and still work in progress, ABm did open up about a survey that was sent to the supporter database. The survey had a 1/8 response rate. Following feedback from last season, all advertised season card prices will include all fees. Average attendance last season was 15,200, whereas now it is over 19,000; it’s a “big challenge” to maintain that rate of growth next season. The £10 ticket scheme for SC holders produced a record home attendance for the season at the Blackburn game and is one of a number of benefits the club will be looking to replicate next season. The business is aiming to be on sale mid-March. Further details to be announced in the coming weeks by the club.  

3.  FAN elections

It had been previously agreed for elections for FAN to be held near the end of this season; candidates to provide 100-word summary + photo to be placed online. The 5,000 new STC holders over the last two years were to be specially targeted for nominations. It was agreed at this meeting to elect the three officers from the existing group for continuity at our next meeting as item No1. FAN would meet on the second Saturday home game of next season. [action – FAN officers] 

Articles explaining the role of value of FAN and seeking nominations would be placed in the programme and on the website.  [Action - a group to organise by email before March 13th was appointed consisting of: John Carnell, Phil Sweet, Miles Hendy, Jeremy Palmer and Mike Adams] 

4.  Junior FAN

No progress to report; Villa example is being studied – Item No2 on next agenda. 

5.  Website working group

At the next (third) meeting, members will view work done so far. BCFC’s website will be independent from July 1st onwards. The club are looking at what they do with their video offering outside of the FLi network. ABr shared recent video view statistics of circa 800 views for Matty Taylor’s first interview on Player HD, compared to 15,000 on YouTube and 500,000 via Facebook Live. 

6.  Matchday experience for ambulant disabled supporters

MM had sent in some requests and questions which had not been answered beforehand: 

a) Every entrance to the stadium is stepped and there is still no seating provided in the concourse – reason given by BSL being H&S restrictions. Flip seats against the walls was suggested, which could be lockable after use. [action - BSL reps, DW at next SAG meeting]. 

‘Beer and Pie shelves’ are needed – Manchester City was cited as an example of using every nook and cranny. 

b) Stewards had not been effective in making standing supporters sit down in W17.  MM produced a photo showing a steward himself blocking the view. [action - ABm to inform MK and DW to monitor from police box at the next game] 

Next meeting

Thursday, May 11th 2017, 7pm.