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Education Programme Best In The UK

Bristol City Community Trust (BCCT) students have come out on top as Number one in the ‘UK Football League Trust Futsal Education Programme’.

The Trust’s youngsters have beaten all of the other 44 league clubs that run the same education programme and are thrilled to share such an achievement with their students.

Their number one status is based on the attendance and punctuality of the students, the percentage of them meeting and surpassing their target grades and marking accuracy as well as student retention and lessons that have been externally observed.

Community Trust Director Amy Kington said: “I would like to thank all the staff for their tireless hard work, commitment and dedication to the young people involved in our education programme, without whom, none of this would be possible.

“BCCT staff provide the young people on our programmes with clarity, direction & inspiration through a compelling vision of the future and what they can achieve.

“These outstanding results along with the values and behaviours that sport instils will enable our students to achieve incredible things.”

BCCT’s education philosophy believes students must enjoy education in order to excel and achieve, and look to ensure they are prepared for the next stage of their life.

The Trust has high expectations for each one of its students’ futures, with many progressing to higher education, full-time employment, scholarships and apprenticeships. 

As a league club education programme, the range of courses the Trust provides is unique and carefully planned for students to enjoy and achieve recognised industry qualifications.