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Buy A Brick Scheme Part Of New West Stand

Bristol City fans who bought into the Buy A Brick scheme ten years ago will have a dedicated spot in the brand new West Stand, when it comes on line next summer.

In 2005 around 750 supporters took up the opportunity to Buy A Brick, raising funds for the proposals to redevelop the old East End.

Those plans were subsequently put on hold, with the club pushing for a new stadium at Ashton Vale. At that stage all Buy A Brick names were published in a special Roll of Honour in the Dolman Exhibition Hall.

The plaque was removed in the summer, with Bristol Sport halfway through the £45m redevelopment of Ashton Gate, culminating in a 27,000-seater stadium, new South and West Stands and a much-improved Dolman Stand.

The West Stand will be a two-tiered 10,500-seat stand, ready to open for the 2016/17 season, and as part of the development a new memorial garden and walkway will be incorporated.

Bristol Sport chief executive Andrew Billingham, unveiled these plans in last week’s Q&A Video, saying: “We are looking at forming a memorial pathway, where those who bought bricks will have their names enshrined.

“The exact nature of this has yet to be finalised, but it will be part of phase three and the external work on the West Stand.

“We will also incorporate a memorial area and garden into this scheme, to act as a focal point for families and friends to gather and remember members of the Bristol sporting family who are no longer with us.

“This will also be an opportunity for anyone else to purchase a brick in memory of a loved one.”