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Bristol City Legend Swaps Football Boots For Boxing Gloves

On Saturday, September 5th at Ashton Gate Stadium Bristol City legend Scott Murray will fight in Rookie to Rocky for charity. 

Scott will be fighting for the first time in his life to raise funds for a seven-year-old Bardet-Biele Syndrome (BBS) sufferer named Sam.

The former Bristol City winger said: "I decided to do the challenge for a family, rather than a big charity as you know what the money is going towards and I was lucky enough to meet Sam and his family, I am delighted to help them."

The main features of BBS are obesity, developmental delay, learning difficulties, speech and co-ordination problems, kidney (renal) abnormalities and visual impairment amongst other possible symptoms.

Sam's mum, Michelle explains: "It took us a long time to get the diagnosis. There isn't a cure but, for Sam, at least we now know what the future holds and we can deal with it."  

Although Sam has to endure a lot of hospital appointments and tests, he is a funny and brave boy with masses of self-esteem. Ask him who's the best at anything - running, reading, swimming, football - and his response will always be the same “me”!

Scott added: "Sam is adamant that he wants his own bedroom, he shares with his little brother Zac at the moment, and I can raise enough money to get him his own room then I will be absolutely delighted."

If you’d like to support Scott in his bout and help provide vital funds for Sam, please donate now at

Scott will also be doing a bucket collection for his chosen charity at the Burnley game this Saturday.

"The club have been kind enough to let us raise some extra money with a bucket collection and I cannot thank them enough for supporting myself and the family. Sam and his family are really excited about it."

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