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James Crawley


Posted Sunday, September 2nd 2018

Augmented Reality feature brings Well Red to life

City fans will no doubt have noticed that the City matchday programme has undergone a transformation for the 2018/19 season.

Not only has Well Red been handed a fresh design, it has also 'come to life' through Augmented Reality (AR).

This innovative function was first put to use in the pre-season fold-out programme for the AFC Bournemouth friendly, but even more elements have since been incorporated into Well Red for the remaining 2018/19 editions.

The programme works exclusively with the new, official Bristol City app which uses your phone's camera to give you video content relating to the page you are viewing.

For example, hover over the front cover with AR activated within the app to watch a message from our players, or scan a picture within the interview pages to watch an exclusive clip from the sit-down interview.

Look out for the AR logo in the programme and head to the AR mode within the app.

Other AR features to watch out for:

  • Lee Johnson's pre-match messages
  • Match highlights
  • Exclusive video content from the Community Trust
  • Line-ups graphic revealed on the back page, one hour before kick-off

Bristol City vice-chairman Jon Lansdown said: "The City app has already granted supporters access to more immersive and interactive content.

“It received 12,000 downloads within 24 hours of being launched in June, which was great to see and shows how loved it is by the club’s supporters.

“Augmented Reality is just one part of the City app, which helps to bring the much-loved Well Red to life. It presents supporters with engaging content in the palm of their hand and it really adds value to their match day experience.

"We are sure supporters will continue to love using the app and enjoy receiving even more from their traditional matchday programme too.”