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Supporters Club & Trust

Bristol City Supporters Club & Trust was set up in 2012 following a merger of the Club and Trust. 

Bristol City Football Supporters Club was established in 1949 as the officially recognised Supporters Club for Bristol City FC.

They are totally independent, being run by supporters for supporters and are members of the National Federations of Football Supporters Clubs (NFFSC) and the Football Supporters Association (FSA).

Following the war the Board were anxious to replace the wooden stands on the ground, particularly the one on the main side, but steel was rationed.

At the time, they could only obtain sufficient steel to build 'C' and 'D' blocks (which eventually housed the Board Room, the Players Dressing Rooms, and an Executive Club which was established in 1951 and named "The 51 Club").

The Supporters Club was offered space to build a Clubroom in the Stand if they could obtain and pay for sufficient steel to complete 'A' and 'B' blocks as well.

In return, Harry Dolman agreed that the Supporters Club could lease the Clubroom for £1 per annum for as long as they liked.

In 1965 the Supporters Club financed the enlargement of the Clubroom and Stand to its present size, which was twice the width of the original room. They also paid for the installation of central heating throughout the Stand.

Way back in the early days the Supporters Club set up the basis of the facilities fans now enjoy - they started: Club shop (now Megastore), initially from a trestle table outside the Clubroom, Away travel section, from the early coaches to the hire of trains in the First Division days, Catering kiosks at the ground, Cash Takeaway on matchdays (in the Clubroom)

The Supporters Trust began in 2005 with the aim of representing the fans' voice in dialogue with the club, as well as raising significant funds through activities that engage the community.

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