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All-Time Managers

Here's a full list of the club's managers and head coaches through history.

April 1897-April 1899: Sam Hollis
May 1899-June 1901: Bob Campbell
June 1901-April 1905: Sam Hollis
May 1905-October 1910: Harry Thickitt
October 1910-January 1911: Frank Bacon
January 1911-April 1913: Sam Hollis
April 1913-January 1917: George Hedley
January 1917-May 1919: Jack Hamilton
May 1919- October 1921: Joe Palmer
December 1921-July 1929: Alex Raisbeck
August 1929-February 1932: Joe Bradshaw
April 1932-March 1949: Bob Hewison *
October 1938-May 1939: Clarrie Bourton
April 1949-June 1950: Bob Wright
July 1950-January 1958: Pat Beasley
January 1958-March 1960: Peter Doherty
July 1960-September 1967: Fred Ford
October 1967-September 1980: Alan Dicks
October 1980-January 1982: Bob Houghton
January 1982-April 1982: Roy Hodgson

May 1982-March 1988: Terry Cooper
March 1988-September 1990: Joe Jordan
September 1990-February 1992: Jimmy Lumsden
March 1992-January 1993: Denis Smith
January 1993-November 1994: Russell Osman
November 1994-March 1997: Joe Jordan
March 1997- October 1998: John Ward
October 1998-July 1999: Benny Lennartsson
July 1999-January 2000: Tony Pulis
January 2000-May 2000: Tony Fawthrop **
June 2000-July 2004: Danny Wilson
July 2004-September 2005: Brian Tinnion
September 2005-March 2010: Gary Johnson
April 2010-August 2010: Steve Coppell
August 2010-October 2011: Keith Millen
October 2011-January 2013: Derek McInnes
January 2013-November 2013: Sean O'Driscoll
December 2013-January 2016: Steve Cotterill
February 2016-July 2020: Lee Johnson
August 2020 - February 2021: Dean Holden
February 2021 - Present: Nigel Pearson

* Bob Hewison was suspended between October 1938 and May 1939. City captain Clarrie Bourton became player/manager for the intervening period.
** Tony Fawthrop acted as caretaker manager until his official appointment on May 5th 2001.