Bristol City Women Partners

Our 2019/ 20 partners are listed below.

Principal Partners

Yeo Valley is a family-owned farming and dairy company based in the village of Blagdon, in the Yeo Valley, and in Cannington, Somerset. Yeo Valley is the largest organic dairy company in the UK producing over 2,000 tonnes of yogurt, butter, milk and ice cream each week.The Yeo Valley Organic brand continues to grow and the range now includes: Yeogurt (fruity, low fat and Greek style varieties), milk, children's products, butter, cream, Frozen Yeogurt, ice cream, compote and rice pudding.

Thatchers Cider is the family-run cidermaker with its home at Myrtle Farm in Sandford. It has been making cider for four generations, and its knowledge and passion for apples is reflected in its ciders – authentic, full of flavour, and a distinct character that reflects Somerset cidermaking at its best. It crafts a range of ciders, including Thatchers Gold, Thatchers Haze and Thatchers Rosé, all made with the same care, attention and hands-on experience.

We know the importance of breast support during exercise. Since our launch, the design and development of our sports bras have been underpinned by science. We commission research from the University of Portsmouth, the world leaders in breast health, to test the performance of our products and we are continually testing and upgrading our performance fabrics to bring cutting-edge, breathable, moisture-wicking fabrics.

Research showed that wearing a Shock Absorber Ultimate Run Bra can reduce breast bounce by as much as 78%*, which is twice as much as a normal bra.

Shock Absorber, a visionary brand in the design of extreme performance bras, strengthened its expert position through a collaboration with the University of Portsmouth. The Shock Absorber range is recognized at reducing the movement of the chest by up to 78%*, twice as much as a conventional bra. *Bounce control tested University of Portsmouth