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Tarka Springs

Established in 2001 Tarka Springs has become the South West’s leading bottled water brand. The Water comes from a spring in the heart of the Tarka valley which is of high quantity and naturally low in sodium.

Offering both still and carbonated spring water in a wide range of sizes in glass and plastic. Run by husband and wife, Neil and Sarah. The family run business prides itself on its excellent levels of customer service and distribution throughout the Westcountry and beyond.

Environment and Sustainability

Having been bought up on a farm before starting Tarka springs, we are very aware of the issues about waste and want to ensure the south west stays green. Over the last few years we have been striving to become more environmentally friendly.

  • We use lighter weight plastic and glass
  • We installed solar panels in 2012 and a mill sized baler for recycling waste cardboard and plastic
  • We can now supply recycled bottles both in plastic and glass.

Custom Label Service

We offer an own label service to medium- large companies that want to give their business more exposure and to build a new corporate identity.

Companies of this size can contact Sophie for more information, click here to contact us.