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Butcombe Brewing Co

In 1978, Butcombe Brewing Co. began. It was a time of cultural, social and political change, soundtracked by bands full of spit and anger riding the crest of the punk wave. Margaret Thatcher took the Tory leadership, the IRA waged war, the Yorkshire Ripper cast a long shadow over the North and the meaning of life was revealed as the number 42.

We shut out the world and made beer.

You see, at that time, no one was risking it all starting a traditional brewery, making simple, premium, easy-drinking ale. To do so was an act of defiance. Or madness. But, 40 years later, by staying true to our beliefs – and with a lot of hard graft – it looks like owning a resolutely traditional brewing company isn’t such a crazy idea after all. By going against the grain, to work intimately with it, we made our own statement with every pint. And what was true then is just as important today.

Think of us as a warm handshake of hello, a seat at the family table. A cheer for the win and a ‘cheers’ to the team. You’ll find us in the company of good friends and the icebreaker for strangers. There’s no pretence, no airs and graces, just a good honest pint made with talent and pride. Never a challenge but happy to surprise, whatever we brew you know that’s our best work in your glass.

We’re a badge of great taste and a friendship for life. And, like any enduring friendship, you’ll always be happy you chose to spend time with Butcombe. A pint you can believe in.

Truth in every taste.