A series of useful frequently asked questions around BCTV+ can be found below.

What is BCTV+ and what does it offer?

BCTV+ offers fans alternative ways to follow matches if they can’t attend games, with fans able to access live commentary of every game during the season.

Live video is also available for all fans but there are restrictions on what can be broadcast for UK and Ireland based fans as well as some for international fans due EFL broadcasting rules and regulations.

Live video broadcasts can only be watched on desktop but can be accessed on mobile and tablet devices via the app. Live audio commentary is available on all devices.

BCTV also offers on demand video highlights, player interviews, manager interviews and other exclusive content.

When can you watch games?

Location Monday-Friday* Saturday 12pm KO* Saturday 2.45pm-5pm* Saturday 5pm KO* Sunday*
UK & Ireland

Rest of the world

*Unless sold to a broadcaster in your country (Saturday 2.45pm-5pm KO’s cannot be watched in the UK regardless). Carabao Cup and FA Cup games not available.

How much does BCTV+ cost?

The following is a breakdown of the subscription packages and their costs:

BCTV+ Live video (outside UK & Ireland)

Seasonal - £110
Monthly – £12.50

Offers live video streaming outside the UK & Ireland on an annual or monthly basis, both options autorenew at the end of their terms. Games shown on Sky or picked for International broadcast are not included. League games only, cup games not included.

BCTV+ Live video pay per view games (Worldwide including UK & Ireland)

Price per game - £10

Offers live video streaming worldwide including the UK & Ireland of midweek games (games that don’t kick off on Saturday’s 12noon-5pm or on public holidays) not broadcast on Sky or International services. These games are also including in the seasonal and monthly BCTV+ live video services outside the UK. League games only, cup games not included.

BCTV+ Live audio (Worldwide including UK & Ireland)

Seasonal - £45
Monthly - £5

Offers live audio commentary of every game worldwide including UK & Ireland. Included as standard in BCTV+ live video seasonal and monthly packages. Both options autorenew at the end of their terms.

Can UK users purchase a pass on a monthly basis or for a single game?

BCTV+ is available to UK users on an annual and monthly subscription basis only for audio commentary and pay per view only for eligible live video broadcasts.

Will my seasonal or monthly subscription automatically renew?

Yes after each month or the end of the season the subscription will automatically renew with the payment method you used. You WILL NOT be notified in case you want to cancel your subscription.

How do I login

Website: When you click play on a BCTV+ subscription player, you will be taken to the login screen (if not already logged in), upon successful entry of your BCTV+ subscription details (going forward these will be your Single Sign On details) you will then be taken back to the player page. If your Single Sign On account does not have a subscription associated to it you will be taken to your BCTV account page, from which you can purchase a subscription. Subscription packages can also be purchased here

Click here for the video player page

Click here for the audio player page

These streams will also be available from the homepage and match centre page on matchday.

App: Use your BCTV+ login credentials to login to the app. The live video/audio player will now appear under BCTV section. You must have the latest update of the app in order to login using your BCTV+ details.

I can't login using my BCTV+ username

Please ensure you are using the correct email address and password you used whilst signing up.

Please also ensure you clicked the link sent to you via email to activate your account. This email may have dropped in to your spam or junk folders so please check these folders.

The email from address is: 'Bristol Sport' login@bristol-sport.co.uk

The subject of the email will be: Confirm your Email Address

If you continue to experience difficulty logging in to either the website or app, please contact Bristolcitytvsupport@streamamg.com with your device and browser details.

What devices does BCTV+ work on?

BCTV+ live audio commentary can be accessed across desktop, tablet and mobile devices with update browsers. Live streams are only available on desktops or an app via mobile/tablet. If you are unsure whether your technology will support BCTV+ please contact Bristolcitytvsupport@streamamg.com with your device and browser details.

I’m having issues with my video / audio feed, what can I do?

In the first instance please report your technical issues to Bristolcitytvsupport@streamamg.com who can investigate whether there is a problem with what is being broadcast. If there are no issues at our end we’ll ask you to confirm some details about the device, software and your internet connection. Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure you are using compatible technology ahead of purchasing a BCTV+ subscription.

How do I get a refund?

Refunds can only be issued for people who have reported a technical issue during the game that is the fault of us or our providers and cannot be rectified. Please note that if you don’t watch a stream through choice or don’t contact/report a technical issue to customer service during the game we will not issue a refund. Refunds will not be issued for supporters attempting to access via a VPN or using a smartphone or tablet browser.

Why do fans in the UK and Republic of Ireland not have the same access to BCTV+ as international fans?

Under the EFL’s existing broadcast agreement with Sky Sports clubs are unable to offer fans in the UK or Republic of Ireland the same access to BCTV+ as international fans.

How do I subscribe to BCTV+?

Click here and follow the steps to sign up to BCTV+.

If I live in the UK or Republic of Ireland and subscribe to BCTV+, will I be able to watch international games when travelling abroad?

Domestic fans travelling overseas will have the same access as international users only if they buy an international subscription to BCTV+ once abroad. This is because the UK & Ireland subscriptions have different entitlements to the international subscriptions and you can only international subscriptions outside of the UK & Ireland.

For international fans travelling to the UK & Ireland you won’t be able to view live streams that you are eligible for as your IP address when connecting to the internet will identify you as not being in an eligible country.

My feed keeps buffering, what’s wrong?

Is your connection fast enough? Try to stop all current downloads, videos you are watching or torrents and visit http://www.speedtest.net. Test your download speed - results should show a minimum of at least 2Mbps to process streamed content along with usual browsing activities efficiently.

I’m receiving a “media not found” message

The live video or audio commentary player will only be live during a match. If the club are playing and you are receiving this message, please contact Bristolcitytvsupport@streamamg.com.

Will Cup games be live streamed?

Due to EFL and FA broadcasting regulations only league matches will be streamed via live video. FA and League Cup matches are not eligible for UK & Ireland or international fans. However live audio commentary will still be available for all cup games for all our fans worldwide.

How do I cancel my subscription?

To cancel please navigate to the ‘My Account’ page which if you are signed in is here: https://bristolcitypayments.streamamg.com/account, your subscription will cancel at the expiry date listed in your ‘My Account Page’

How do I register for the service?

You can register and purchase a subscription by following the link below – https://www.bcfc.co.uk/bctv/bctvplus-subscribe-now/

I've forgotten my Username / Password

If you've forgotten your username and / or password then please click on the relevant links on the login screen.

If you have any further queries, please contact customer services at Bristolcitytvsupport@streamamg.com and you will receive an email with your Username / Password reminder.

What happens if no games are shown in my subscription period?

If you are on a monthly package it is an accepted risk that some months will have more live fixtures than others, so no refund will be given in those cases. While we realise that this might be frustrating we do not increase costs in months that have lots of games and this is an accepted risk by the club in that it will balance out over the course of the season.

Why can't I view on mobile?

All live games can be viewed on desktop/laptop. On mobile/tablet games cannot be accessed through the mobile browser due to EFL regulations. However, coverage can be accessed via the official Bristol City App only.

The app is called Bristol City – Official App and can be found on Google Play/ Apple Store

For the best support with the live stream and audio commentary, the recommended browser is Google Chrome across all devices. The streaming may not be supported on some versions of Internet Explorer.

Does my live video subscription allow access to live audio commentary when a match cannot be broadcast?

Yes, your live video subscription includes all audio streams too, so if a game is not available to watch you can always listen to it.