Our safeguarding team are here to make sure you feel comfortable in every aspect of your development. If you have any concerns please email or telephone 07880 140 411.

While any safeguarding concern should be raised with the club safeguarding contacts in the first instance, we recognise that this may not always be possible or appropriate. Below are the contact details for other partners with whom safeguarding concerns in relation to “the Company” can be discussed:


The English Football League Safeguarding Team
Tel: 01772 325 940

The FA Safeguarding Team
Tel: 0800 169 1863

Online safety

It is important that internet safety and security messages are re-enforced during this time when we are expecting young people to be online more often. They may also be increasing their usage on devices during their own free time during this social distancing period. It is important that both players and parents are aware of the help and support available should they be concerned about something they have seen or experienced online. These include:

UK Safer Internet Centre        
Internet Matters