Senior Management

Our management team at the Academy is headed up by Gary Probert (Academy Manager) and Gary Davenport (Academy Assistant Manager). They work tirelessly to keep Bristol City Academy running at the highest of standards.

Both of the Gary's have worked in the Academy for many years, rising up through the ranks. The forward-thinking pair bring a wealth of experience to the Academy and their football knowledge has seen our Academy make huge progress in recent seasons. 

Gary Probert has a big background in football - he worked with the Gloucester FA for many years and has coached across all age-group phases at Bristol City. 

Gary Davenport came through the sports science section, heading up the department for a number of years before turning his eye to the management and business side of the Academy.

They know the club inside and out, the high standards we hold and what it takes to produce excellent human beings as well as very talented footballers.


Senior Management Staff


Academy Manager - Gary Probert
Assistant Academy Manager - Gary Davenport